In a personal audience Mother Akasha was asked "Is the Regenesis Light Sphere a Resurrection Accelerator?" Mother Akasha's immediate response, "Absolutely Yes".




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What is the Regenesis Light Sphere?

The Regenesis Light Sphere™ is a sacred Temple of Light dedicated to Beloved Mother Akasha and Father Asun, built with Intent to assist you in your Resurrection process. This Temple is physically located on a hillside of majestic Mount Shasta.

Mother Akasha and Father Asun both over-Light and direct the Light energy and Love frequencies being generated from within this Temple for the benefit of all who elect to have their image placed within Its crystalline structure of Light.

In a personal audience with Mother Akasha She was asked "Is the Regenesis Light Sphere a Resurrection Accelerator?" Her immediate response was, "Absolutely Yes".

How Does The Regenesis Light Sphere Work?

Specialized Light generators are utilized to create the environment for the Seven Rays of Creation to be drawn into the Regenesis Light Sphere's™ sacred geometric form within the Temple. Constantly changing fields of Light envelope the image of each person held in the crystalline structure at the Heart center of the Regenesis Light Sphere™. Also infused into the Regenesis Light Sphere™ are frequencies of the Violet Spectrum, and a wide range of crystal tones. A specific Call is made in the Temple to Goddess Melody, the Goddess of Music and others of the Ascended Host to include the Seven Mighty Elohim and the Seven Supreme Majestic Plumes of Eloah attending to your emotional, mental and physical bodies.

Also within this Temple are multiple Flower of Life geometries strategically positioned to receive Light frequencies directed by the Three Great Dispensations of Resurrection. The Ascended Master Alchemist Purifying Rays and Flames of Love, Mercy, Forgiveness, Transformation, Transmutation, and Transfiguration; Emanuel Jesus-the-Christ’s Golden Ray and Flames of All-Christ Illumination, Wisdom, and Power; and, Mother Akasha’s Rose Pink Ray and Flames of Love, Will, Grace, and Elegance. Each Ray and Flame triangulates unique frequencies for each Activity carrying us through our 33 Passages of Resurrection into our Victory as an Untouchable on Earth.

Mother Akasha has indicated She and Father Asun will modulate the frequencies of the Light generated in the Regenesis Light Sphere™ to anchor in the unique active frequencies of the nine Chambers, nine Generators, nine Pillars, and nine Plumes of the Diamond Heart. Mother Akasha's desire is for you to hold the I AM God Presence Consciousness of your new Spiritual Heart restored by the seven Plumes of the Supreme Majestic Eloah, and the two Plumes of Mother-Father God within your Being. Thus, it is your unique image placed within the crystalline structure of the Regenesis Light Sphere™ that provides your free will for this continual, Divine Intervention. The Regenesis Light Sphere™ facilitates the assistance of the Great Ascended and Angelic Hosts who have been asked to assist you, individually and personally, in direct alignment with your Akashic Record and the Divine Plan.

Why is the Regenesis Light Sphere Temple’s Resurrection Protocol anchored in Mount Shasta?

The mystical and majestic Mount Shasta looms a large 14,179 feet as a transmitting and receiving Presence of Light frequencies, Sound Rays, and sacred geometries placing the Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple upon the second most powerful ‘I AM’ Super Grid on Earth. The most powerful ‘I AM’ Super Grid is the Cave of Light in India. A pinnacle beneath luminous Star Beings, and enfolded in verdant elemental kingdoms clothed in cedar, pine, and red fir, Mount Shasta is renowned as a sacred site and mystical vortex, a magnet of the Mother’s Love. Mount Shasta has a long history of embracing a weary world seeking Heart’s truth and sacred encounters with the Divine.

Capturing scientific minds and naturalist hearts, Mount Shasta continues to draw people from all over the world and all walks of life, a Cosmic Concierge to the masses. This Universal Charter makes Mount Shasta unique as a sacred and spiritual vortex, and one which anchors aspects of the Sacred Fire physically and tangibly upon the Earth, enfolding the entire Planet. Also, the Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple holds Divine Covenant for your Resurrection and Ascension, directed and over-Lighted by Mother-Father God. Thus, the placement upon Mount Shasta is strategic in the T-Force (Transformation, Transmutation, and Transfiguration) accelerated Resurrection Activity.

Who Assists With The Regenesis Light Sphere?

Mother Akasha and Father Asun, the Great Elohim Hercules, Cassiopeia, Orion, Purity, Cyclopea, Peace and Arcturus from out the Great Central Sun are assisting with the infusion of Their Great Cosmic Creator Rays into the Regenesis Light Sphere™. These are the Blue White Ray, Gold Ray, Pink Ray, Indigo Ray, Crystal White Ray, Emerald Green Ray, and God’s Purifying Ray.

Gratefully received is the Assistance generously granted by the Seven Great Chohan (who are Seven Ascended Masters chosen to oversee the direction of these Great Rays of the Godhead throughout the Universe). Also in Divine Attendance are the Great Avatars of the Golden Robes out of the Great Central Sun, the Seven Arch Angels and Their Legions of Angels assigned to assist the Divine Plan, all 26 Goddesses who work with these Rays administering to your feeling side of Life. Beloved Princess Mary Magdalene is the 26th Goddess of Sheer Determination charging every Activity of Love for Love’s Victory as directed by the Goddesses; and, the Great Divine Director’s Presence responsible for every Life throughout this System of Worlds!

The Beloved Empress Goddess of Venus, Guardian to this Earth has synchronized the heart beat of Mount Shasta with Her Own Heart Beat! This is a ceaseless outpouring of Her Cosmic Love of Cosmic Love Supreme radiating into Mount Shasta, and radiating out enfolding Mother Earth. Her Son, the Prince of Venus, Lord Sanat Kumara and the Lords of the Flames of Venus are commissioned Guardian-Protectors executing the Divine Plan for Planet Earth with other great Cosmic Beings and Angelic Host. Disclosed in a recent Ascended Master discourse, it was revealed access to Venus is only “three short steps” from the summit of Mount Shasta through the upper Earth plane. Often these Great Ones pour Their Ascended Master Consciousness and Blessings as They “come and go” from the Mount Shasta access portal.

Since the arrival of the several Ascended Masters in 1930 upon Mount Shasta - after 70,000 years of Divine Plans, and multiple missions to save the peoples on Earth – the Masters have provided the Ascended Master Teachings to many who now know their I AM God Presence. Through the tireless and dedicated Love, Mercy and Forgiveness of the Ascended Host, the Seventh Golden Age is guaranteed it’s Victory in the Light! His Divine Activities and Cosmic Orchestration of this Great Divine Rescue shall proclaim all Kingdoms of Life free! Such is the Sacred Fire Loving Presence of a Mighty Cosmic Arcturian Ascended Master who has placed His Hands of Freedom’s Flame upon our lives, and made Mount Shasta His own Personal Sacred Temple Site on Earth! This is a Blessing from the Universal Heart Flame of the Ascended Host upon the Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple activity.

Mount Shasta’s newly Ascended Master, Erik Berglund is also over-Lighting the Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple. Forty-four of Erik’s harp compositions are playing inside the Temple to infuse and interject His own Ascended Master Consciousness and geometries of Love. Master Eric now has access to all the Regenesis energy technologies, and can enhance His own harp music “through the veil” as He so desires, an Eternal, Immortal Instrument of healing and Love to each of us.

A multitude of Great Cosmic Beings, Ascended and Angelic Hosts who have pledged Their Gifts include Lord Metatron who works directly with you to receive personalized Christ Codes and Sacred Geometries under His authority to assist you as quickly as possible through your 33 Passages of Resurrection. Additional blessings are directly received from Lord Maitreya, Mighty Victory, Emanuel Jesus-the-Christ, Mother Mary, Goddess Himalaya, God Neptune, God Aries, Goddess Virgo, Mighty Helios, Archangel Raphael, the Seraphim, Cherubim, your Angels of the Presence, all bestowing Their Blessings and Gifts.

The Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple is strategically positioned to assist each one who enters to accomplish their Resurrection with all the Divine Intervention and Ascended Master Consciousness of the Ascended and Angelic Hosts. You directly receive all of these sacred Gifts in the Regenesis Light Sphere™ to assist in the fulfillment of your Akashic Record in the Divine Plan, and ultimately your Resurrected Perfection on Earth!

What Is The Divine Significance Of Having Your Image In The Regenesis Light Sphere on Mount Shasta?

Father Asun was asked in private audience about the significance of the energy portal in Mount Shasta, "Can a lot more be done for the students of the Academy if their image is held within the Regenesis Light Sphere™?" Lord Asun responded, "ABSOLUTELY! Remember what we have taught all of you. When you are in touch with the image of a thing, you are in touch with the essence of a thing — whether it is a thing or a person. It all hinges of that Truth. So when you have an image of a person you are in touch with the Essence of that person, so that Universal Truth, that great realization is pioneered into the Regenesis Light Sphere™ project.

Continuing, Father Asun expanded, “If you get the image of the students and use this great Universal Truth to allow this Field, this Light Sphere, and all that is within, all its qualifications and charges is that which then through imagery gets in touch with the Essence of the person. If you can get in touch with the core Essence of an individual; then, the great Inner Work, the Great Inner Activity raises up from the inside of them, and that is where the real benefit is."

Father Asun also stated, "There are great I AM Super Grids, which are like mighty broadcasting stations throughout this Universe. These are Lines of Force both electronic and magnetic in which the electronic Lines of Force are sending forth transmissions, whatever has been qualified, and the great magnetic Lines of Force are attracting Life, a plant form, an individual being, so that the radiation and projections can be absorbed. Next to the Cave of Light in India, the greatest ‘I AM Super Grid’ in North America is within Mt. Shasta."

Mother Akasha also offered the following information in private audience. "I want you to know if you wish to connect with one grain of sand in the Sahara Desert, if you wish to connect with one snow flake on Mt. Everest, if you wish to connect with a flower in India.....Mt. Shasta is the portal to the entire Powers of Nature, Forces of the Elements, the structural inner platform of the Earth and Earth's atmosphere. Mt. Shasta is the portal to the underworld of the elemental beings, the elves, fairies, gnomes, dwarfs, unicorns, mermaids, etc."

As a result of the information provided by Mother Akasha, the following action has been taken for all students who have their image held in the Regenesis Light Sphere™. A specific call has been made on your behalf to Peter of Pan and Prince Eron asking for their assistance and that of the elemental beings, especially the four elves assisting Mother Akasha's Dispensation to obtain the Essence (morphogenic blueprint) of every plant/flower/herb on the planet that has properties that would purify and cleanse the blood and all the organs and cells of every person's body who's image is held within the Regenesis Light Sphere™. Each image holds the unique energy pattern of the person and since it is within the portal of Mt. Shasta, all things on this planet can be accessed. It may be a challenge for most people to get into the energy portal of the Cave of Light in India or the portal in the Royal Tetons, however, you can get into the portal here in Mount Shasta via the Regenesis Light Sphere™ as explained by Mother Akasha and Father Asun.

It is a Universal Truth where you place your attention, there you are in Consciousness and in your Light Body. So by your actions when you have your image placed into the Regenesis Light Sphere™, your Consciousness, your Light Body is there in the Portal of Mount Shasta ~ the second greatest ‘I AM Super Grid’ on the planet. Simply ask to receive all the benefits provided therein for your best and highest purpose and intent, and it is so. I AM That I AM.

Know Your Image Represents Your Rose-Christ Presence’s Temple!

The Rays of the Seven Fold Flames with your image travels through the portal on the side of the mountain that provides the access into the Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple. As you enter inside the Temple you are greeted by the Sacred Geometry Christ Codes and the Flower of Light Blueprints that sustain the Origin of all Life. Your image moves into the crystalline structure at the center of the Regenesis Light Sphere™ where a multitude of different colored Light Rays blend with the Beloved Seven Fold Flames of the Mighty Eloheim, bathing all aspects of your Being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Here you receive the benefits of the Regenesis Light Sphere™ twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, attended by the Great Ones.

Enjoy being bathed in the Light and Love of the Regenesis Light Sphere™. Receive the blessings of Mother Akasha, Father Asun, all the Great Ascended and Angelic Host and Great Cosmic Beings Who over-Light the Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple with Their Blessings and Gifts.

How Do I Access The Regenesis Light Sphere Temple?

You can access the Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple located within the ‘I AM Super Grid’ Portal of Mount Shasta by simply clicking on the "Regenesis Subscription" link. Then follow the instructions to send in your photo for placement into the center of this Temple where the crystalline structure will hold your image. Please send in a full-front view (head to toe) picture of yourself. A photo with only you in the field of view is important so your entire energetic signature is captured in the photo, and not infused with the energetic field of another person. Once your photo is received you will be notified of the date and time your image has entered the Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple and was placed within this sacred Altar.

God Bless You and God Bless Your Resurrection!


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