In a personal audience Mother Akasha was asked "Is the Regenesis Light Sphere a Resurrection Accelerator?" Mother Akasha's immediate response, "Absolutely Yes".




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Sounds of the Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple

A beautiful Musical Portrait of the Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple composed by Paul Armitage, who’s image is held within the crystalline structure in the center of this Temple of Light on the side of Mount Shasta. Sit back and enjoy as Paul brings in the Music of the Higher Spheres and let his creation connect you to even great realms of Light within this Regenesis Temple dedicated to Akasha and Asun.

Student Testimonial

I have downloaded the music and it's very beautiful!! It reminds me of 'Home' and one of Paul’s best music pieces as in many of his masterpieces. I felt the connection with the Regenesis Light Sphere again right away and felt the presence of Beings around me as when my picture was placed in the crystalline structure. Truly magnificent and I thank him. Thank you

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“Sounds of the Regenesis Light Sphere™ Temple”

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Composed By
Paul Armitage
Museart Productions
© 2012 All Rights Reserved

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